Jeffrey Westfall

Jeffrey Westfall

Sales Executive
At Jones, we aim to help your business grow through quality outdoor advertising targeted to where you need it most.
  • Experience :
    25 years

Who Am I?

I have worked in the outdoor advertising industry since 1992.  My journey started with selling fabricated steel billboard structures all over the country which included assisting in new location development, permitting, engineering and the final construction of the new billboard.

In 2013, I joined the Jones Outdoor Advertising team where I use my billboard knowledge and sales expertise to assist our clients in launching successful outdoor advertising campaigns.

I travel the highways and byways of Arizona on a daily basis meeting with our current clients and seeking out new business relationships. I know how best to market your business through outdoor advertising.

Contact Me

Are you looking for a new location to advertise your business? I am here to help. Call, text or email me today!